Riddle Me This
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28. March 2014

It’s a Friday night and we’re supposed to be going out with our friends to go have some drinks. We haven’t seen each other all week because we both had work and class.

A few hours before we are supposed to go out, you get a call from work to go work the night shift. I get a text from you saying,

"I can’t make it tonight babe.. I just got called into work and you know how my boss is. I’m so sorry, I miss you so much. Have fun without me ok?"

Frowning, I reply back and continue to get ready. I was really excited to see you, I missed you so much. 

I meet up with our friends but it doesn’t feel right. The entire time I just keep on imagining what it would be like if you were there. The things you would say, how you would laugh. The way you would brush your leg against mine under the table. Play with my fingers in your lap. 

I look at the time, “10:32 P.M.”

I grab my keys and leave. I just tell everyone I was getting tired. 
I get in the car, and drive down the street. But rather than turn right to go home, I turn left towards your house. 

I wait in your room after telling your mom I wanted to surprise you. I keep imagining how happy you’re going to be when you open the door after a long night at work. The way you would gasp and smile at the same time. With your hair up in a pony tail in your black blouse. I roll onto my side on your bed and giggle. I can’t wait to see you.

A half hour later I hear you come into your house. You drop your keys on the counter and I can hear you walking down the hall. I sit up. Even though I’ve seen you so many times, the butterflies still bounce around in my stomach like crazy. You open the door and turn on the light. When I see your face, it’s even more beautiful and elegant than I was picturing it. You gasp, cover your mouth. Your hands drop, and you’ve got the stupidest smile on your face.

You drop your bag and walk towards me on the bed. Your hand finds it’s way behind my neck and you pull my closer for a kiss.